Image Comparisons


Original as shot by Estate Agent

The image is reasonably clear but look at the following:

1. The roof of the bayed window to the front aspect.

2. The drain pipe on the front corner is sloping in towards the centre

3. The far end corner sloping inward

4. The elevation to the right and top window of this elevation is falling backward

5. The shot overall is slightly overexposed and a bit soft, lacking in any real detail.


Image Two As shot by myself

This image is much sharper and the parallel lines are much more realistic. the contrast is much improved and the general overall symetry of the building is correct.

An elevated shooting position helps


Image three (alternative angle) as shot by myself



Image four Suggestion for any detail sheets used to sell the property ( I will provide other images as available)

This is a first draft of the detail sheet image. I will need sizes etc from you in order to complete the required images.